About Us

Give Digital Acceleration To Your Business

Adding the muscle of virtualization, automation, orchestration and, self-service we bring you the power of cloud computing now as – ZeaCloud®.

What is ZeaCloud® ?

The robust hybrid cloud, is your essential doorway to all cloud computing services. With comprehensive, agile and easily adaptable cloud services we strive to help our clients accelerate their digital transformation and speed up the growth ladder.

ZeaCloud® has business solutions to grow business of every shape and size, be it large corporations with global operations, small and medium enterprise, and fast-growing startups. The offering includes IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS and much more.


From blazingly fast flash storage environment to smart load-balancing policies, hyper-converged infrastructure which mean smaller better utilization metrics to our infra beneath the cloud that is network speed, high-frequency processor cores and memory bandwidth ZeaCloud® engines have the relevant horse power to deliver required performance for you.

Flexi Value Propositions

Giving best value deals for cloud computing is a constant for us. You get rid of your capital extensive, complex and hard to maintain infrastructure as you move to ZeaCloud’s flexi-value propositions, your business gets the finance to leverage on other advancements in core business so that you can accelerate high speed with digital transformation on our cloud solutions.


ZeaCloud® has been designed to manage data sensitive organizations and even banks. Team’s experience and our comprehensive security capabilities ensure we satisfy the most demanding requirements. Our service solutions are compliant with industry auditing and security accreditations, so your data is safe within our digitally encrypted storages.

On-Demand Scalability

Your business-critical processes and applications support run seamlessly to handle sudden surges and fluctuations in activities with an on-demand scalability option so you can focus on core processes undisturbed by daily response management.

Professionally Managed Services

Benefit from a professional service for all your cloud computing needs. Consulting and support of our expert and experienced team makes us a reliable and relevant cloud platform across clients. We are immediately adapted to the businesses we serve, and we ensure your digital transformation journey is a seamless transition to advancement. Be it business deliveries commitments, maintenance, management and, incident response you can work undeterred as our service is made to work for your convenience and high standards of quality.


ZeaCloud® has tailormade solutions for each business type and need. Our teams have expertise to create workarounds which are unique for each use case that may arise and ensure your value derived is only maxed each time.


Zero data loss guarantee backed by SLA driven round the clock maintenance and service support which is proactive and predictive in nature. Which means post transition to our cloud solutions you focus on your core business processes as we take care of IT infrastructure , up and running.


From a family run legacy business in distribution of computer hardware and packaged software the two brothers Santosh & Sunil Agrawal visioned a move ahead to cloud computing much before the big players like AWS and Azure where not even present in the market. It would be fair to mention here that Mr. Manoj Chugh who is today a Group Executive Board Member in M&M, mentored us and pushed the idea of setting up this cloud service.

The desire to dig deeper and to quench the thirst for knowledge enhancement in IT services and solutions related spheres the company was incorporated, what we today know as Esconet Technologies Private Limited in 2012.

Business integrity and ethical best practices has been the foundation stone for us as we grew and adapted to our clients. This has helped us make a consistent and sustainable footmark in the cloud solutions business.

The Backbone

We proudly boast of an average employee tenure of 12 years and hence the obvious derivatives of employee’s and our client’s job satisfaction.
Our client relationship is hinged on our trusted team of employees & business commitments that we fully honor as an integral part of our company ethos.

Our team’s critical skill set and, long spanning experience has made us a reliant and efficient choice our clients can count on. Highly skilled team of people in WAN optimized remote application delivery, virtual desktops and digital workspace solutions have helped us deliver in-cloud and on-premises solutions to our esteemed set of clients across industries.

Technical and functional skills need constant upgradation to maintain a benchmark of services and solutions in IT. At Esconet we ensure our team undergoes regular trainings and skill upgradations as a standard practice. So as a basic norm we learn and enhance ourselves regularly to keep offering business solutions which are upgraded and in-demand.