Covid-19 Response and Responsibility As the planet and our nation still continue to fight with the ongoing pandemic and wait with collective hope for successful vaccine launch for safety of entire humankind, We at Esconet technologies want to reiterate




As the planet and our nation still continue to fight with the ongoing pandemic and wait  with collective hope for successful survival & safety of entire humankind while Covid-19 vaccines & upgraded health infra is in-place,

We at Esconet Technologies want to reiterate our acknowledgment and understanding of the global situation and the need to gear up  to the new normal for all. Having said that     we would like to mention here steps we have taken & continue to adhere to for safety of people around us.


Early Adaptation and Proactiveness :

We made sure immediate adaptation to regularly updating advisory guidelines from authorities. And we were prepared to change the teams working to adapt to what’s safe and best for everyone during this pandemic.

To ensure Safety and well-being of employees & our business associates we have taken steps like travel plan cancelations, events and, seminars cancellations and, also switched to internet supported client video calls and virtual internal meetings instead of in-person meetings to avoid physical space sharing by employees. All other basic safety guidelines of regular temperature checks, a compulsory mask, a minimum advised physical distance and, regular sanitization of office premises has been a new mandate followed ever since the guidelines were released.


Business Continuity :

Lead by our Prime Minister's Vision of AatmaNirbhar Bharat and the motivation & inspiration from business community supporting each other and each other's business, We ensured continuity of our clients business processes linked to us and, made sure our teams are available to respond in shortest TATs. As we restarted working from office with an ongoing mix of Work From Home plan whenever needed, Our team and associates have adopted to " Namaste" as the new preferred way of greeting all & We Highly recommend this now. !!


Thank You

We are thankful to the healthcare workers of our country & the world who have been on  the forefront since the pandemic spread out. They still continue to outrun the pandemic with their efforts and dedication in spite of regular fluctuations in number of cases and recovery pattern. We hope to be able to be a part of the endeavor by taking care of those around us and, close to us along with our families and friends to provide necessary support and to fight this pandemic physically and mentally.


Spread Hope and Cheer. Stay Safe !


C ovid-19 Useful Information:

National Helpline numbers: 1075 (toll free) +91-11-23978046 Source: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

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