Availablous® - Where data meets immortality. – data availability solutions

Availablous® Business Continuity Solutions seamlessly back-up your business-critical data safely on stringent policy-based backup solution that every business needs in event of a natural calamity like fire break-out, earthquake, flood, or a simple unforeseen system failure. Availablous® ensure a rapid comeback to your business from a predefined RPO for your process critical data which can be safely and fully restored. Key highlights include but are not limited to fully managed & 24x7 human and AI monitored foolproof support infra.

Disaster Recovery as a service

ZeaCloud® DRaaS offering has the dependable and trusted disaster recovery solutions that support all applications & workload cases to bring you an affordable and effective data replication of your business to keep up and running all times.

We help you brace up for a business disruption caused by unpredictable & sudden natural catastrophes like earthquake, fires, flood, storms etc. Disaster Recovery as a service is an essential & a proactive critical business plan inclusion to ensure your core operations are up and, running even in an event of natural calamity that could interrupt normal life.

A robust DRaaS solution not only ensures your basic business continuity like billing process etc. for daily operations in a retail B2C environment it would also be inevitably needed for life critical businesses operations like data access for patients in a hospital if a huge number are to be administered emergency health facilities following the calamity, in a defense base for automated warfare management, for a public transport system like airline for flights to ply normally or Railways routing systems to be able to run continuously for people to be able to continue using these essential resources. A country needs access to all these and other essential services in times of a national disaster management be it a natural calamity or an unforeseen pandemic like Covid-19.

Managed Backup as a service

Our managed backup service secure your business’s basic & critical information and limit the chances of losing data due to human or machine failures. Record cancellation errors, file deletions and losses due to virus or hacking ransomware attacks – You got yourself covered if your IT infra planning is proactive and includes our BaaS.

Choose from 3 best clouds for storage of backup - The robust- ZeaCloud®, AWS and Azure. We understand that every business whether big or small needs to rely on their data round the clock to be able to deliver their products and services and run their business effectively. Based on the RPO and RTO that is specific to your business ZeaCloud® offers - The only data continuity service you will ever need. Get fully managed cloud backup with 24x7 monitoring so you could retrieve your data as-&-when -you-need bases.