• A leading global IT consulting chooses ZeaCloud Year-on-Year for being the Reliable , Scalable & Secure go-to cloud.
  • Shruti Bhatnagar

ZeaCloud is humbled to share the trust shown in us by one of our earliest and longest-standing clients who has trusted us for a decade and encouraged us in every small and big endeavor we took on this path.

Today the client is the world’s largest manufacturer of interior solutions and is walking robustly on the road ahead. As the business kept growing exponentially in the past decade, we made sure that the IT infra was scaled up securely with time and business needs and matched steps with the client’s growth to keep the IT infra up and running. While adhering to the stringent SLAs so the reliable, safe, and secure framework promised remains a constant.

The requirement included crucial data hosting, data availability, and managed service solutions throughout the project tenure and with the client-first approach, our team made sure to maintain the best-case scenario in all their evolving IT requirements.

The mission-critical business application hosting stays a seamless project throughout also, ensuring the smooth functioning of daily operations with our 24x7 support team on vigilance.

We are happy to introduce to you the best of managed service a cloud can be.