ZeaCloud is proud to host a premium fashion online retail business amongst our other esteemed clients. Successfully catering to fashion aficionados and today’s ever-evolving fashion trends the client has made sure they keep up with recent and best fashion outfits from across the globe, which means dynamic e-commerce operations on the website.

For the numerous requirements starting from data hosting with optimization for real-time online retail operations, E-commerce platform’s stability management,DevOps, code optimization,24x7 code-based support, design and implementation to data availability for daily e-commerce operations, code troubleshooting, cleanup, and optimization the ZeaCloud team ensured a round-the-clock availability with seamlessly managed service on backup and data availability while managing crashes and website updates.

Recently the 24x7 support team has done a dependable job in incident handling when dynamic banners & carousals running on the website stopped, the team restored the entire website in less than two hours during the night-time support provided so that the business was up and running for fresh orders without any loses.

Currently ZeaCloud is working hand-in-hand with the client to help successfully execute the platform’s re-development phase which is nearing completion.