As I was interviewing candidates for a Cloud Sales role for my company today, I came across various candidates who had applied for the job, but did not know what exactly Cloud Computing/Cloud Services are. 
Cloud Computing is a type of Service that allows people to process and reach large amounts of data on an infrastructure that is shared by various individuals or companies anywhere at anytime without owning a datacenter. 
Cloud computing is not just about Google Drive or just file storage services. A lot more can be and is being done with them. 
All websites that you access are typically hosted on a cloud server. 
Although Google Drive is a fine example of one of the applications of Cloud, but thats not it. 
Cloud Services can be used for various applications such as AI/ML, Big Data Analytics, Payment Gateway hosting, Business Application Hosting, Image and Video Compression and Distribution, Gaming, Virtual Desktop Services, Backup Services and the list is endless. 
Anything that you can do on your computer can be done faster and more efficiently on the Cloud. 
Some advantages of Cloud computing are-
1. No upfront CapEx
2. Always available 
3. No Hardware Maintenance 
4. No Hardware procurement 
5. Scalable
6. Relatively Cost effective
7. No need of having an In-House DC engineer

The advantages are endless and can be formed into a different blog altogether. 
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Stay Tuned for more!