The Biggest Drivers For Managed Cloud Services In 2022


Apr, 2022

The Biggest Drivers For Managed Cloud Services In 2022

Managed cloud services will empower businesses for years to come. Understanding the biggest drivers in the future of managed services can give you a clearer direction for building a future-ready and robust IT infrastructure.

Businesses considering cloud adoption migration these days are increasingly opting for managed cloud services, instead of having a dedicated IT team. It is one of the best things that a business can do to ensure business continuity. If you are creating a guide to business continuity, you must think about obtaining the help of a managed service provider.

However, it is better to learn more about managed IT services and its future before getting on board. Along with that, you should also know what are the latest business continuity strategies and trends. Then you can adhere to the best practices for business continuity and get the most out of managed IT services.

Key drivers in business growth in managed cloud services in 2022

Managed cloud services have been empowering businesses in 2021 and beyond to get started with digital transformation and scale their IT. We are still going through a pandemic, and most businesses are allowing employees to work from home. This is where managed services come into play. Businesses can hand over certain aspects to external partners who provide hybrid cloud design and implementation solutions, end-point management, help desk support, new collaboration tools, and many other useful services.

Managed cloud services are also helping businesses to overcome cloud complexities and optimize and scale their IT as the business grows. Even though cloud computing is highly beneficial to businesses, most of them struggle due to overly complicated designs or user experiences. This is where the support offered by service providers would come into play. By doing that, it is possible to get experts to take control over cloud computing solutions that businesses use.

An external cloud partner can also provide cybersecurity implementation and maintenance support to businesses as part of the service-level agreement (SLA). This will eventually help the organization to ensure data security and protection in a scalable manner. The number of threats faced by businesses is increasing daily. Hence, it is essential to hire a managed service provider to strengthen and regularly upgrade your digital security systems.

Latest trends in managed cloud services

One of the key trends that we can see in managed cloud services is responding to shifts in IT. During 2020, we saw a large number of businesses migrate to the cloud. These organizations and others moving to the cloud will require managed cloud service providers to deliver support and maintenance for ongoing services. Along with that, they will also need to assist businesses with new digital initiatives. Due to all these reasons, you need an external partner that delivers 24x7 support and service availability.

Continued support for remote workers is another trend that we can see in managed cloud services. Most businesses are now hiring remote workers because of the cost savings and access to a large talent pool. However, they must also provision for support to be available to remote workers for them to function at their best. This is where managed services come into play.

The future of remote work with cloud

Remote working became mainstream following the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though remote working is beneficial, there are some risks associated with it. For example, it can be a threat to an organization's IT infrastructure due to many endpoints and users accessing resources from different locations and devices. Therefore, managed services will need to specifically address security issues through preemptive strategies and steps. They will also have to monitor the network security across the enterprise networks, and mitigate risks as soon as they arise.

Since remote working is here to stay indefinitely, we will continue to witness new and innovative technologies available to scale and support remote teams. This will eventually help businesses grow and monetize their digital capabilities in the long run.

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