One of the country’s leading logistics service providers with pan-India operations needed a strong data availability solution for their cloud system to enhance digital security and customer engagement. They approached us with a critical and time-sensitive issue in their data operations and cloud computing system to ensure robust security and customer engagement. 

About the client

Our client is one of India’s leading logistics firms in India that provides freight service, in-plant logistics, and global freight management services pan India. As a technology-driven organization, the need for efficient and uninterrupted IT operations was a key requirement for them.

With over 2,000 diverse customers at around 10,000 destinations pan India and 200 offices, including 20 transshipment hubs, their client base ranges from metal, chemicals, petroleum, gas to FMCG and automotive businesses. 

The Challenge 

Our client approached us on the day of Holi when operations are at their peak and they were suffering through a great crisis of compromised data security. When the client approached us, they had just suffered a serious security breach on their cloud system, resulted in an immediate halt in business operations and transactions briefly coming to a standstill. This could’ve been detrimental, not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of the company’s reputation among its clients. 

With business halted for hours, our client was in a tough position. This problem needed to be solved as quickly as possible with the right tools to tackle such a situation on short notice.?

They wanted to address this issue by identifying the core factors causing data leaks and reconfiguring their cloud system to match the latest industry standards.

How we helped

Through in-depth conversations with our client and assessment of their systems, we understood this problem needed to be solved as soon as possible, considering things at stake. 

Our client needed the right tools to identify the core issues with their cloud system. We had helped several customers with similar challenges and had multiple ready references and success stories to share with the client, that demonstrated our solution’s strengths.

Firstly, we bridged the gaps in their existing cloud infrastructure & plugged the loopholes. We then deployed a superfast cloud server and storage capabilities to accommodate their flexible capacity needs, which helped restore data in a time-bound manner; we even provided the customer a full-proof mechanism for data protection for this to not repeat in the future.

For the client, the demonstration of our consulting and support capabilities and resources reinforced why ZeaCloud was the chosen partner to assist them during this crisis and be their vendor for Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Aside from the solution being reliable and easy-to-manage, the client highly rates the relationship it has with the ZeaCloud team.

The Result

With our expertise in cloud services and innovative approach, we responded within a day to fix things up, and delivered the desired result within 24 hours, getting their systems and operations back up and working efficiently. 

Our efforts resulted in the client’s entire application stack becoming 30% faster, delivering enhanced customer experience over the last 6 months. We also improved on their existing cloud infrastructure as per best industry practices and the latest compliance standards.

As part of our service engagement during the last 6+ months, we set fail-safe mechanisms for their cloud applications and databases to prevent such outages in the future and improve the overall IT performance with security at focus.

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