We are providing dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers

Attain Complete Control with Dedicated Servers

No need of sharing your server space, bandwidth, IP addresses, or any other computing resources with any third-party. If looking for full authorization and control over your server, avail benefits from dedicated server hosting. A machine with its own dedicated physical resources is known as a Dedicated Server or computing server. Unlike a virtual server using a segment of the machine’s physical resources for the virtualization technology, the dedicated server offers full access to all of the available RAM, storage, computing resources of the machine. Referred to as ‘bare-metal’ in cloud computing, dedicated server highlights the physical availability of machine’s resources on contrary with standard cloud solutions based on virtual instances.

The dedicated server supports multi-platform software, applications, and databases that allows the user to configure and update independent instances.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Tailored for clients with heavy workloads, our managed dedicated server hosting is the perfect solution. You can take control of your managed hosting server with root access & core-managed support. Our high-performance Infrastructure provides optimum performance while consuming comparatively low power to ensure our responsibility and commitment towards the planet to make it green.

Get Top of the line specifications with your Managed Server Hosting

Our managed dedicated servers are powered by Intel Xeon HyperThreaded processors, high endurance Enterprise-Grade system memory & Enterprise Grade, mission-critical SAS/SATA/NVMe drives for flexible options depending upon the workload. With up to 10Gbps networking capability, and RAID enabled by Default.

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