ZeaCloud® Public Cloud

  • 24X7X365 days support & monitoring
  • Self-Service access round the Globe.
  • Cloud Status Dashboard.
  • NO to Complex maintenance, NO to huge cost datacenter.
  • Standardized, highly automated, on-demand storage & networking capabilities.
  • Need more - Get customized unique solutions at a data center of your choice.

ZeaCloud® offers a standardized, highly automated IaaS complemented by on-demand storage and networking capabilities. All resources provided are scalable, real time and, charged as per use of each element in your individual solution, so you get your virtual data center on a very affordable cost. We spare you from the complex maintenance and huge cost of having your own datacenter. Our specialists will also create your self-service interface for your direct access.

As a customer preferred alternate sometimes, the resources can also be customized into your unique solution and, be deployed at your own data center too.